​​About Mixtape Valentine

Mixtape Valentine, based out of San Antonio, TX, is a high energy band that will have you dancing and singing along all night long! These are the songs you will remember all your life - from the New Wave sounds of the 1980s, Alternative Rock from the 90s, Pop/Rock hits from the 2000s to the newest chart toppers, MtV plays it all! 

The members of MtV have years of experience performing in professional bands and top venues across the region. MtV's lead vocalist and guitarist, Alex De Hoyos, performed over 300 solo acoustic shows throughout Texas since 2013 before teaming up with bassist Robert Basse and drummer Carl Charles to form this versatile band.  These three individuals have their own styles and influences and each contributes something unique to the "Mixtape."  MtV is performing now in venues across San Antonio!

Alex De Hoyos - vocals/guitar
Robert Basse - bass/vocals
Carl Charles
- drums